Going beyond web design and branding, we worked with Anakalypto to create a facial recognition app that can be used by law enforcement and the private industry.

Custom Development and Web Design

The Website

A one-page website is not right for everyone, but if you can peak just enough interest to make users reach out, then they can be extremely effective. That's exactly what we did with Anakalytpo's sleek and informative website.

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The App

By utilizing a combination of web scrapers, AWS technologies, and a lot of custom code, the Anakalytpo app allows individuals to quickly and easily run facial recognition scans. The photo is then cross-referenced with hundreds of thousands of publicly available mugshots to find a potential match. Users can save results, actively monitor the database for a hit, and run a search on a crowd of people.

Built For Performance

Have you ever been on a website that took forever to load? You probably didn't stay long enough to gain any information from it. We take website and app performance seriously, and we understand that the best designed websites are worthless if they do not load quickly.

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