One part passion project and one part continuing education, iGoVEGAS is a fully custom build utilizing more than a dozen API's to create a nearly self-sustaining travel website.

The Goal

After taking several trips to Las Vegas for client meetings, we noticed a need for an all-encompassing Las Vegas travel site. Well, the boredom of 2020 gave us the time we needed to make it happen. Using a variety of APIs from Google, AWS, and others, we built iGoVEGAS from the ground up as a social site with auto-populated property details, image/video moderation, automatic event listings, and much more. Creating a hands-off, self-sustaining application.

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How It's Going

iGoVEGAS officially launched in February 2022. As of September 2022, iGoVEGAS is averaging around 20,000 visitors per month. While it still has a long ways to go to, it's a fun project that generates a bit of passive income on the side.


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