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Everybody wants their business listed on the first page of Google, but a first page listing does not necessarily result in a big boost to your organic traffic. In order to see a noticeable difference in website traffic, conversions and revenue, you should be fighting for one of the top three organic listings for your chosen search query.

The Battle For the Top 3

A recent study on click behavior by Google users shows the first three organic listings collect more than 50% off all clicks for any given search. 30% of clicks happen on the very first listing, 15% to the second, 9% to the 3rd, and everyone else is left fighting for scraps. Listings on the second page can expect to garner less than 1% of total traffic for a given query.

So What Does This Mean For Your Business?

Let’s assume you have a plumbing company here in Springfield. Using Google’s Keyword Planner we are able to view historical metrics and see that Plumbers Springfield, MO is searched approximately 1,000 times per month.

Applying the percentages above gives us a pretty solid estimate for the amount of organic traffic you can expect to see on your website from Google searches related to Springfield, MO plumbing.

  • 300 Organic Visitors for the 1st Listing
  • 150 Organic Visitors for the 2nd Listing
  • 90 Organic Visitors for the 3rd Listing

Now Assume 5% of Organic Traffic Results in a New Customer…

At an average revenue of $250 per plumbing job, we are able to determine the total revenue generated for your company at each of the top 3 listing placements. Of course, these numbers fluctuate based on a number of outside factors, but you get the point.

  • $3,750 in revenue generated from the 1st organic listing
  • $1,875 in revenue generated from the 2nd organic listing
  • $1,125 in revenue generated from the 3rd organic listing

And This is Only The Tip of the SEO Iceberg!

The scenario above focused on only one broad match keyword… Plumbers Springfield, MO. We did not consider additional keywords related to plumbing including hot water heater repair, broken pipes, etc. Improving your organic listings can result in big profits… We would be happy to help!

What Do The Numbers Look Like For Your Business?

We would love to meet with you and discuss the SEO options available for your business. The consultation is free and, if nothing else, will give you valuable insight into the keywords customers are using to find similar businesses in your industry.

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